Holland AmericaLine Menus
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MDR Breakfast
Also in the Pinnacle for Deluxe Suite Passengers
Something Simple:
  Cold Cereals: Cornflakes - Cherrios - Special K - Raisin Bran - Shredded Wheat - Rice Krispies - Frosted Flakes - Fruit loops - Granola - All Bran - Bran Flakes -- served with your choice of milk -- add sliced banana on request. Breakfast Parfait - layers of creamy Greek yogurt, fresh berries and granola

Hot Cereals: Old-Fashioned Oatmeal - Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal - Cream of Wheat - Creamy Grits -- served with sliced banana, raisins, brown sugar, maple syrup, milk, or half & half on request

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich - scrambled egg and Cheddar cheese served on a toasted English muffin. Add sausage patty, hickory smoked bacon or ham slice on request.

Bagel and Lox - a freshly toasted bagel served with slices of cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced onion and capers.

Greenhouse Spa Selections:

Cottage Cheese and Fresh Fruit - a small bowl of creamy cottage cheese lightly dusted with cinnamon, served with your choice of sliced banana, strawberries, blueberries or diced melon.

Swiss-Style Muesli - a mixture of low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, milk, toasted hazel-nuts, oatmeal and honey.

Frittata Italiana - healthy without sacrificing flavor, egg whites combined with low-fat cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil, then lightly baked and served with whole grain toast.

International Classics:

All American Breakfast - two jumbo eggs, cooked to order, served with hash browns, hickory smoked bacon or sausage and toast.

Eggs Benedict - toasted English muffins, layered with Canadian bacon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Royal - toasted English muffins, smoked salmon and two poached eggs with creamy hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Florentine - toasted English muffins, topped with sauteed spinach and two poached eggs draped with hollandaise sauce.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs - home-made corned beef hash topped with two eggs cooked to order and served with a side of toast.

Kippered Herring - served with two scrambled eggs and smothered onions.

Dutch Breakfast - the Uitmijter, a classic open-faced sandwich with thick white bread, sliced ham, Gouda, and two eggs sunny side up.

Japanese Breakfast - hot miso soup, steamed white rice, tamagoyaki and boiled salmon served with a cup of hot green tea.

The Full English Breakfast - two jumbo eggs scrambled, English banger sausage, English back bacon, baked beans, hash browns and a grilled half tomato.

Scandinavian Breakfast - smoked salmon and pickled herring, served with hard-boiled egg and slices of dark rye bread.

Three Egg Omelets:
All omelets are served with hash browns and toast. Egg whites or egg substitute available on request.

Denver Omelet - green bell pepper, onion, ham and a mixture of Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Swiss cheese.

Garden Vegetable Omelet - tender asparagus, sauteed spinach, diced tomato and sliced button mushrooms with creamy goat cheese.

Southwest Omelet - diced sweet roasted bell peppers, tomato, green onion, and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with avocado, sour cream and fresh salsa.

My Choice Omelet - build your own omelet with any of the following: ham, bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, asparagus, Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, goat or Gruyere cheese.

Hot Off the Griddle:

Belgium Waffle - thick, crisp Belgium waffle topped with your choice of warm strawberries, apple-cinnamon or plum compote.

Cinnamon-Sugar French Toast - thick slices of egg bread French toast, dusted with cinnamon-sugar. Served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup.

Stack of Pancakes - three fluffy pancakes stacked high. your choice of buttermilk, banana or blueberry. Served with whipped butter and hot maple syrup.

From the Bakery:
  Toast - English Muffin - Bagel - Roll
Baked Fresh Daily:
Served with butter, margarine, jam, jelly honey, Nutella or cream cheese on request.
Fresh baked sugar-free pastries upon request.
  Butter Croissant - Chocolate Croissant - Raisin Bun - Cheese Danish - Fruit Danish - Danish of the Day - Blueberry Muffin - Muffin of the Day - Coffee Cake.
On the Side:

Hickory Smoked Bacon - English Bangers - Pork Sausage Links or Patty - Carved Honey Glazed Ham - Corned Beef Hash - Turkey Bacon - Turkey Sausage links - Morningstar Farms Vegi Links - Hash Browns.

Fruits and Yogurts:
Fresh Fruit Plate - Half Grapefruit - Sliced Banana - Stewed Prunes, Apricots or Kadota Figs - Assorted Yogurts
Coffee - Tea - Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea - Whole, Low Fat and Skim Milk - Chocolate Milk - Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - Apple Juice - Cranberry Juice - Grapefruit juice - Grape Juice - Pineapple Juice - Prune Juice - Tomato Juice - V-8
Cabin Breakfast Menu
Preferred Time Frame
   6 AM - 6:30 AM   7 AM - 7:30 AM    8 AM - 8:30 AM   9 AM - 9:30 AM   9:30 AM - 10 AM
   If you can wait until the main dining room opens -- usually 7:30 on port days and 8 on sea days, you can write in
       anything you want such as Eggs Benedict, Waffles, Raisin Buns, Chocolate Croissants, etc.
Grapefruit; Orange:; Cranberry; V-8; Prune, Tomato Fresh
Fresh Fruit and Yogurt
  Half Grapefruit; Sliced Bananas; Diced Oranges; Mixed Fruit; Seasonal Melons; Stewed Prunes; Plain Yogurt, Fruit Yogurt, GreekYogurt
  English Muffin (1); White Toast (2); Wheat Toast (2); Rye Toast (2); Danish (1); Croissant (2); Blueberry Muffin (1); Bran Muffin (1); Bagel (1)
  Corn Flakes; Special K; Cheerios; Raisin Bran; Granola; Fruit Loops; Frosted Flakes; Rice Krispies; Shredded Wheat
With: Milk; 2% Milk; Skim Milk; Soy Milk
Two Eggs

Scrambled; Sunnyside Up; Over Easy; Poached; Hard Boiled


Cheese; Ham & Cheese; Vegetable & Cheese

  Egg Substitute
  Scrambled; Cheese Omelette; Vegetable & Cheese Omelette
  Egg White
  Scrambled; Cheese Omelette; Vegetable & Cheese Omelette
  Ham Slices(2); Sausage Links(2); Bacon Strips(2); Veggie Links(2); Turkey Links(2); Turkey Bacon(2)
  Assorted Jams; Half & Half; Honey; Butter; Margarine; Cream Cheese; Peanut Butter; Ketchup; Tabasco; Nutella; Orange Marmalade
  Regular Coffee; Decaf Coffee; Tea; Decaf Tea; Hot Chocolate; Milk; 2% Milk; Skim Milk; Soy Milk
In Room Dining
Available 24 hours:
  Smoked Atlantic Salmon - pickled red onion, capers & cream cheese
  Mesclun Garden Greens - tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts & blue cheese crumbles
  Triple Decker Club Sandwich - sliced turkey, ham, bacon, tomato & lettuce served on toasted bread of your choice
  All American Hamburger - broiled 1/4 pound beef patty on a sesame bun with dill pickle & coleslaw - add cheddar or Swiss cheese
  Open faced Omelet - ham & cheese or vegetables
  Selection of assorted cheese with crackers
  Apple tart with whipped cream
  Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce
  A plate of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk
  Fruit salad - selected fruits in season
Available from 12 noon until 10 PM:

Appetizers & Soups:


Bay shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce

Smoked Atlantic Salmon

French onion soup baked with Gruyere cheese

Soup of the day




Mesclun Garden Greens

Chef salad - mixed greens, ham, salami, swiss cheese, turkey, hard boiled egg - choice of Italian or blue cheese dressing

Caesar salad - tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons & parmesan - add bay shrimp or grilled chicken breast

Sandwiches & Burgers:
All are served with a choice of potato salad or potato chips

Triple decker club sandwich

Broiled California chicken breast sandwich on multi=grain bread with avocado & honey mustard sauce

Grilled tuna melt - tuna salad & Swiss cheese on rye bread with pickle spears

Thai Vegetarian wrap - eggplant, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts & cilantro rolled with rice & green curry sauce in a tomato tortilla

Steak sandwich - sirloin steak on sourdough bread sauteed with onion & bell pepper

All American Hamburger




Seared salmon steak - dill-lime fusion, broccoli florets, carrot batonnet & country mashed potatoes

Penne Primavera - tossed in marinara sauce with Italian roasted vegetables - add grilled chicken breast




Margarita (tomato sauce & cheese)


Vegetarian (mushroom & bell pepper)




Apple tart

Chocolate cake

Creme caramel surrounded in berry compote

Fruit jello

Fruit salad

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Selection of assorted cheese with crackers

Pinnacle Grill Lunch Menu
$10 per person



Grilled Prawn Bruschetta with a primavera salsa - aged asiago cheese and balsamic fusion

Mediterranean antipasto plate - pesto virgin olive oil

Scallops creme brulee - caramelized parmesean wafer

Northwest five onion soup - tomato shallot soubise

Chilled carrot and ginger soup - creme faiche and fried sage

Chiffanade of greens and tomato tower salad - Italian vinaigritte




Pacific rim beef salad - mesclun leaves, mangoes and lotus fruit

Alaskan halibut fillet sandwich - sour dough bread, cilantro relish and cucumber potato salad

Crab and shrimp cake - exotic fruit chutney, lime Thai curry sauce and orange rice with pine nuts

The Pinnacle burger - apple smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and bistro style shoestring potatoes. This dish can be served with a low carb bun and without the potatoes.

Sterling silver beef tenderloin with Oregon blue cheese crust - grilled asparagus and scalloped potatoes

Penne with grilled chicken breast, lemon basil sauce, sun dried tomatoes and arugula

Vegetarian couscous - grilled vegetables and fried mint leaves and harissa




Fresh strawberries with raspberry sorbet - sugar dough gaufrette

Chocolate brownie decadence - an explosion of chocolate

Orange and lime panna cotta

Ice creams and sorbets - ask for the day's selections

Fruit plate

Pinnacle Grill Dinner Menu
$25 per person

The Beginning:


French Onion Soup King Louis XV - beef broth with aged cognac & caramelized onions, baked with gruyere croutons

Spicy Chicken Coconut Soup - fragrant coconut milk & lemon grass

Lobster Bisque - crème fraiche & aged sherry

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail - brandy horseradish cocktail sauce

Vine Ripened Beefsteak Tomato Salad - sliced purple onion, balsamic vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing

Baby Arugula Salad - tossed with sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a warm bacon dressing topped with smoked bacon & chopped egg

Caesar Salad - crisp romaine tossed with very own Caesar dressing, grated parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and anchovies, prepared tableside

Dungeness Crab Cakes - spiral shaved cucumber & sweet chili-mustard sauce

Pinnacle Ocean Platter - carpaccio of lightly smoked salmon, accompanied with hot smoked salmon, sea scallops and wasabi cream

The Grill:

Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steak, Bone-In Rib Eye Steak, Porterhouse - served with our own hand crafted sauces: sun-dried tomato; Master Chef's green peppercorn bearnaise; horseradish mustard; hollandaise; maitre d' garlic butter

Colorado Lamb Chops - spiced apple chutney & fresh mint jelly

Grilled Veal Chop - marinated overnight in a savory blend of rosemary, garlic & pepper vinegar with scallions

Chicken Breast - stuffed with spinach & garlic herb cheese & served with lemon garlic beurre blanc sauce

Filet Steak Diane - pan-seared medallions of beef tenderloins & enriched with mushrooms & cognac

Filet Mignon Burger - a half-pound of freshly ground beef, fin herbs & truffle-infused

Sea Food:

Broiled King Salmon - troll caught (for sustainability) in Alaskan waters, quick seared & broiled, served with your choice of lemon garlic herb splash or sesame-soy kalbi

Broiled or Poached Lobster Tail - on a bed of wilted spinach & arugula, mustard seed & "mangochurri" pesto sauce or melted butter

Cedar Planked Black Cod with Shrimp Scampi - roasted garlic & cilantro butter

Pinnacle Signature Skewers:

Beef Delight - beef tenderloin marinated with parsley, onion, thyme, rosemary & marjoram

Tantalizing Lamb - lamb loins marinated with herbs, garlic, cumin, honey, coriandor & red chilies, served with yogurt sauce

Chicken & Turkey Temptation - with onion confit & tomato coulis

Delectable Seafood - shrimps & swordfish, seasoned with lemon, paprika, garlic, mustard, cayenne & dill

Vegetarian Zen - array of mixed vegetables seasoned with herbs de provence


Side Dishes:

  Creamed Spinach, Sautéed Button Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Asparagus, Scalloped, Whipped, Jumbo Baked or Shoestring Potatoes and/or Basmati Rice
The Finale:
  Not-So-Classic Baked Alaska, Warm Grand Marnier Chocolate Volcano Cake, Velvet Soufflé – Chocolate or Vanilla, Creamy Homemade Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate And Raisin Bread Pudding, Pinnacle Crème Brulee, Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Berries, Premium Ice Cream or Sorbets and/or the Assortment of International Cheeses.


Le Cirque Menu:
$39 per person



Lobster Cocktail - poached lobster with haricot vert and citrus

Le Trio - caviar, smoked salmon and Pate foie gras

Caesar Salad - interpretation of the classical salad


Butternut Squash with Huckleberries - with sage chantilly

Chilled Yogurt and Mellon - with shrimps


Main Courses:


Blackened Alaskan Cod - leek, red wine fondue

Rack of Lamb - goat cheese panisse, artichokes and arugula

Chateaubriand - horseradish flan, sweet and sour baby beets

Three Cheese Ravioli - fresh basil tomato

Chicken Under a Brick - sauteed vegetables ginger honey jus


Creme Brulee Le Cirque

Chocolate Souffle - traditional chocolate souffle with vanilla gelato

Napoleon with Fresh Berries

Assortment of Sorbets

Canaletto Menu
No charge
Can't make reservations for here until you are on the ship
Note: This menu may vary by ship, e.g., Osso Buco was on the menu on the Prinsendam in January 2013

Antipasti e Zupe:


Our chef’s selection of antipasti, cucumber and olives

Insalata Canaletto – Seasonal greens and tomato, cucumber and olives

Minestrone – A flavorful tomato broth consisting of white beans, pasta shells, fresh vegetables and thyme

Zuppe Di Pesce – Assorted seafood simmered with vegetables, tomatoes, flat parsley and saffron

Pasta, Carne, Pesce e Pollo

Penne Alla Vodka – A deliciously light combination of our Pomodoro sauce, cream and vodka

Linguini Frutti Di Mare – Linguini pasta and clams, mussels, shrimps and scallops tossed in garlic, onions and cherry tomatoes

Baked Meat Lasagna Pomodoro – Baked with meat and tomato sauce and gratinated with four cheese sauce.

Veal Milanese – Breaded veal scaloppini with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti and vegetables

Chicken Marsala - Tender scallops of chicken breast glazed with Marsala wine; served with linguini pasta tossed with tomato and roasted garlic

Cod Putanesca – Marinated in lemon, oregano and olive oil, quickly sautéed and coated with a flavorful herbed tomato concassee with kalamata olives, capers and chopped parsley, served with grilled cheese polenta and balsamic glace

Spaghetti with Meatballs – The classic way to eat spaghetti; home made meatballs braised in a tomato and meat sauce served over olive oil tossed spaghetti




Trio of Tiramisu – Italy’s most famous dessert: presented in three flavored variations, espresso, lemon and Amaretto

Limoncello Crème – Refreshing crème topped with Tuscan lemon liqueur

Mille-Feuille of Madagascar Chocolate – With walnut praline and ice-cream

Gelato – A refreshing and full-flavored selection: strawberry, mango, vanilla and lemon (different Gelato on the Nieuw Amsterdam - strawberry, pistachio, vanilla bean, Gianduia)